Citizens Bank Routing Numbers

See the table below for Citizens Bank routing numbers.

Citizens Bank has 13 routing numbers. If you're filling out a Citizens Bank Deposit Slip deposit slip, please make sure to use the correct routing number for your account. The "verified" column below tells if we verified the routing number with with a live connection to the bank. If it's "false", someone entered the routing number when creating a deposit slip. You may want to Login to Citizens Bank and verify your routing and account number to be sure you get it right.

Citizens Bank Routing Numbers

Routing Number Verified?
011401533 true
011500120 true
021313103 true
031101143 true
036076150 true
211070175 true
211170114 true
241070417 true
063114001 false
122203471 false
122234149 false
063105544 false
011400149 false

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