M&T Bank Routing Numbers

See the table below for M&T Bank routing numbers.

M&T Bank has 56 routing numbers. If you're filling out a M&T Bank Deposit Slip deposit slip, please make sure to use the correct routing number for your account. The "verified" column below tells if we verified the routing number with with a live connection to the bank. If it's "false", someone entered the routing number when creating a deposit slip. You may want to Login to M&T Bank and verify your routing and account number to be sure you get it right.

M&T Bank Routing Numbers

Routing Number Verified?
570542085 true
577692679 true
580078808 true
595552555 true
605557592 true
625533525 true
626523301 true
650320525 true
792828697 true
853309848 true
888588252 true
950708740 true
955312555 true
986514270 true
987175320 true
008027700 true
015890027 true
022000046 true
025275522 true
030005305 true
031100092 true
031300834 true
031302955 true
052000113 true
066355252 true
070052800 true
115008227 true
200000350 true
203931387 true
208835802 true
221272316 true
243552250 true
252073018 true
252552555 true
255559746 true
361638645 true
376027225 true
412800597 true
440825780 true
455840585 true
485394580 true
501000020 true
502275223 true
505101200 true
522585553 true
529027098 true
550720225 true
552375555 true
552623252 true
553555675 true
555552676 true
555557435 true
501000033 false
501000059 false
123123123 false
055000110 false

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